Goodbye my first home

Posted March 29, 2013 by heavenlyjoy
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Today is the last day I’ll be staying in my first and only flat the i’ve ever owned. I’ve been busy packing up
the last few weeks and I didn’t really have the time to even think that I’ll really miss my first home. This is the place where I’ve started my own family. The place where i spent my wedding night. The place where I had my first child Chloe and my second baby Rayner. The place where I had laughter, joy and tears. It’s the place I’ve been coming home for the past 8 yrs. I’ll know i’m going to miss u so much and I’ll always remember you… Goodbye my first home. 😥


Turning mm

Posted November 29, 2012 by heavenlyjoy
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I’m turning ‘mm’ (33) today.

mm = more matured (physically, mentally), more motivated (to lose more weight), more meaningful (certainly going to be with my 2 lovely kids!)

I simply can’t bear to type how old I am now. Birthdays past 30 has been coming and going like any other normal days.

A few days ago, my hub asked me what I want for my birthday and I said “Nothing. I don’t need anything materialistic now. I have everything I need and I ” It’s true. Nowadays, having the time to spend with them (hub and kids) is the best thing of my life.

I asked my hub “How old am I going to be this birthday?”.  I have lost counts. Now that I’m in the stage that my children’s birthdays are more impt than mine. They take the center stage of my life.

My dear hubby bought another not so surprise surprise present for me. He always tries very hard to keep it from every year but I always know what he’s up to. 🙂 This year I received a pair of nice earrings from him. Love it alot! Thanks dear!

So far, my best 2 achievements for the past 1 year are 1) given birth to my baby boy and 2) losing weight (13+kg lost!).

Looking forward to a better year! 🙂

Losing 1/3 of me

Posted August 29, 2012 by heavenlyjoy
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I have been urged by my friend, Leon, to lose weight after he had successfully lost 16kg within the span of 4 mths with the help from a personal trainer (get advices and motivation on dieting and exercises.) I told him that I couldn’t afford one although I wished that i could be like him. I wasn’t sure then that I’ll be able to be disciplined enough to do it and brushed it off in my mind that it’s quite impossible for me.

A couple of weeks after, I chanced upon a library book on weight loss “50 tips to lose 50 kg” and I decided to loan it since Chloe needed to loan at least 12 books to get her Madagascar stickers. This book inspired and motivated me to start on a new weight loss journey. It sets my determination to do it. Now. I have the mindset that even if it’s not losing weight, at least it will help to improve my fitness and health.

After talking to Leon, whom i now regard as my weight loss mentor, I realized that losing weight is an art. In order to save money, I get tips, advices and motivation from Leon and books/articles on weight loss. Thank you Leon!

My family also played a big part in this journey. Alan gives me compliments and encouragement all the time and my MIL prepared healthy dinners for me every night. They are so sweet – thanks dear and mother!

It has been 2.5 months since I first started my 3 days per week exercise regime and diet. Today, I’m proud to say that I’ve lost 8 kg and still counting. My energy level is higher and I feel good! Leon told me that soon, like him, I’ll be able to wear s size clothing, which I’m quite doubtful abt it. I’ll be more than happy to be wearing a m size! I’m still far from my target but I’m sure I’ll be able to do it…:)

Arts for the children @ SAM

Posted June 6, 2012 by heavenlyjoy
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I brought Chloe to attend her music class at Staccato last saturday and realized that the class has been cancelled! (ok, it’s basically my fault cos I forgot to update them on my new mobile number). She was very disappointed when she heard that there is no music class for her.

Then I remembered Leon telling me that he brought his kids to SAM and told me that they are having arts for the children at museum.

And so, I made an impromptu trip down. Just mummy and Chloe outing day.

I promised her that it would be fun and it was indeed an enjoyable trip!

They put up painted flowers pattern and pasted all over the pillars and the floor. We are supposed to wear white mesh shoe covers over our shoes before we enter the room. The colours of the flowers will fade as people stepped on the paintings. The artist wants to covey the message that nothing last forever.
These are some wall mural on the wall as we walked up the stairs. Chloe found it a bit eerie.










When do u know that it’s time to lose weight?

Posted May 15, 2012 by heavenlyjoy
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… It’s when people starts giving up seats for u on the train!

Haha… I didn’t know whether to be happy or sad about this. It was a tired day for me after work and Hub was not able pick me up due to his shiftwork.

As usual, the train was crowded at its peak and I have to squeeze to get in to the middle of the carriage.

A young lady stood up and gave her my seat.

I paused and realised what happened. She thought i’m preggy! (ahem… Ok, I’m most convinced that it’s due to the doll dress that I was wearing).

Horrified, i shook my head and told her it’s ok, she can sit. But she insisted.

I hesitated for a while and thought “oh well, she may be embarrassed if I told her I’m not preggy. So I might as well sit down. Anyway, no one on train will find out..”.

And so, I thanked her and sat down.

Ok so there is actually an advantage for keeping the tummy. LOL.

Couple time @ Batam

Posted May 9, 2012 by heavenlyjoy
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We celebrated our 8th year wedding anniversary by going on a day trip to batam on monday.

Yes, no flowers or frills. Just a simple pampering trip and quiet time without the kids.

I’ve been wanting to go Batam after seeing raving reviews about their lowly costed spa services. Based on the online reviews, I chose and booked a 3-hr  Lovely Blissful Spa for couple from Eska Spa. The package costs only S$108.

We took the Batamfast ferry from Harbourfront Terminal to Batam Centre Terminal. A two-way ticket with tax cost $47.

The staff at the counter welcoming us is a Chinese and she speaks mandarin. The staff are generally friendly.


The above photo shows the couple room where we had our spa done. The massage is pretty good.

We took our lunch at my fav fast food restaurant that I missed – A&W!


Love the fried chickens, curly fries and root beer float!

We went back to Eska Spa and continue to do foot reflexology for Alan and pedicure + manicure for me as well as hair spa for both of us.


Total cost for all the services abovr = S$242.
You won’t be able to find this kind of price in S’pore.

Alan and I decided that we should go back there every few months just to have some couple time and pamper ourselves.

My First Mother’s Day Celebration

Posted May 8, 2012 by heavenlyjoy
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Chloe’s Child Care invited all the mummies to the centre for a Mother’s Day Celebration.

Only mothers are invited and we were to that there will be a special performance from the kids.

And of course, the mummies will definitely go if there is going to be a performance by your kids right? And so I thought.

It was a weekday tea party kind of event and when I reached there, I can see lots of pretty deco with the kids craft works (obviously done with the help of the teachers) all put up at the entrance.

Chloe came running to me when she saw me and she put on a crown for me. It’s for all the mummies and mine was a very pretty one.


3 more mummies came shortly right after me and they were too presented the crown. I’m secretly glad that mine was the nicest of all and wondered why. Is it because I was the first to arrive or the teacher particularly likes me? Then the teacher said that they sent the daddies on special mission to buy the crown. Oh that’s why!

So, out of 12 students in the class, there were only 4 mummies. Guessed for those children whose mummies didn’t attend, they must be very disappointed! =(

The children then started to sing the “Mummy I Love You” song and they were so cute! Chloe was one of them who sang the loudest and she ended with “Mummy, I love you!”. Sweet. I’m so proud of her.

We were then presented some food for tea (vitasoy, choc-coated apple, oreo cookies, wraps) and hand-make paper flowers by the kids.

Appreciate all these things done by the LV. Glad that Chloe was able to get a place there. 🙂